Purchasing Technology

Purchasing Technology in CESD - 4 Easy Steps

1. Obtain a quote from the HelpDesk at Technology Services.  Call 7063 for help.

2. Create a P.O. (purchase order) and obtain the Principal's signature.

3. Email the P.O., in pdf form, to Lorraine Ewashen for processing. Call 7062 for help.

4. Technology Services will review the order and complete the purchase upon approval from the Director of Technology.

Please Note

  • The four steps noted above apply to laptops, desktops, tablets, ipads, servers, printers, carts, and other technology purchases over $500.  They do not apply to cameras, toner, and other peripherals.
  • Approval from Technology Services (step 4) is necessary to determine if the technology can be utilized and supported within our network.
  • Please refer to   Purchasing Procedures for more information.
  • Use this link to request apps for iPads