Inclement Weather

With the safety of students, staff and parents our highest priority, Chinook's Edge has developed an Inclement Weather procedure - Administrative Procedure (AP 1-13) (please click on the link to read the AP in its entirety). This means school buses will not run and/or school closures may be in effect to involve a single school, a community of schools or the entire school division if weather necessitates an Inclement Weather day.

There are essentially three types of travel days that occur in our Division: Green (all clear), Yellow (use caution), and Red (unsafe).

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Please ensure your contact information, which you provided to your child's school, is accurate as this is how you will be notified of an Inclement Weather Day.

Green Days

The days when it is clearly safe for everyone to travel. All buses are running and all of our schools are open.

Yellow Days

The days when buses might not run in some or all areas of the Division, but schools remain open. Some conditions which may result in a Yellow Day include: extreme cold, heavy snowfall, blizzard conditions. On Yellow Days, we anticipate that the majority of staff will be able to drive to their schools and that meaningful learning will take place. Note: if a bus is cancelled because of inclement weather in the morning, it is cancelled for the entire day and will not run in the afternoon either.

  • Parents of bus students are asked to contact your school to confirm your child will not be in school on Yellow Days. Some parents may choose to drive their child into the school when their school bus isn’t running, while some parents will choose to keep their child at home that day – schools cannot make assumptions when safety is at stake.
  • Learning will continue on days when school is open but buses aren't running (Yellow Days). Affected students will receive learning opportunities through Google Classroom, which will be posted during the course of the day. 

How will Yellow Days be announced?

When a decision is made to cancel a bus route or all the bus routes, parents of bus students will receive immediate notification through the Bus Status App, along with an automated call from your Bus Driver and/or notification through School Messenger. Staff will receive the information through email. Information will be posted to Facebook and Twitter, the Division website and individual school websites at affected schools. Area media outlets will be notified if buses are cancelled in an entire area or community, or in the whole division.

Red Days

The days when a given school, area or the entire Division may be closed.

These are days when we are faced with extremely cold temperatures or a full-blown blizzard, or when we have a combination of heavy snow, high winds, and very low visibility. On Red Days, to ensure the safety of our staff, parents, and licensed older students, we feel we need to close schools not only for students, but also for staff. This decision will be made in consultation with school administrators whenever possible. It is important to note that a Red Day may exist for one school, for one area (i.e. all Sundre Schools), or for the entire Division. Staff will be expected to conduct their work from home and learning will continue remotely. For emergency purposes only, we will be asking our schools to do what they can to have at least one staff member onsite on school closure days to ensure that no students are inadvertently dropped off at the front door of a school.

How will Red Days be announced?

We will share information about Inclement Weather Days as early as possible, including our best attempt to make parents and staff aware when we feel an approaching weather pattern may result in an Inclement Weather Red Day.

As early as possible on the Inclement Weather day (prior to 6:00 a.m. whenever possible), parents at affected schools will be sent a voicemail, email and text message using our CESD automated communication system. It is, therefore, vital that your school has your current contact information. In addition, messaging will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, area media outlets, and will be posted to the division website and individual school websites for those schools affected.

Be ready for Inclement Weather Days

Download our Dressing For Inclement Weather document for more information

Hear more about Inclement Weather from Superintendent Kurt Sacher:

Thank you!

We appreciate your patience and understanding when Inclement Weather disrupts our school days in Chinook's edge. We know these days can present challenges in your home and that it can be difficult to find childcare, particularly on short notice. We have collaborated with multiple people (parents, staff, local ATA executive, Trustees) over the last few years, in an attempt to accommodate as many priorities as possible. In Chinook's Edge:

  • We will share information about Inclement Weather Days as early as possible, including our best attempt to make parents and staff aware when we feel an approaching weather pattern may result in an Inclement Weather Red Day
  • We will provide reasonable access to learning for students on Inclement Weather Days
  • We will continue reviewing our approach to Inclement Weather
  • We will always have safety as our top priority.