International Students

Welcome to Chinook’s Edge School Division! We invite you to discover the warmth of our people and the beauty of our land. Chinook’s Edge stretches across the picturesque prairies and small towns of Central Alberta, framed within an hour’s drive by the world-famous Rocky Mountains. All of this is within one hour of Red Deer (to the north) and Calgary (to the south), which feature all the amenities and attractions that a major international city has to offer.

Chinook’s Edge has long had a successful international program.  We value the diversity that our international students bring to our communities.  We provide quality learning and extra-curricular experiences in our safe and caring schools, and we invite you to discover more about our trusted approach to your education.

International Student Tuition is $9000/year or $4500/semester for the 2022/2023 school year.

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For Chinook's Edge families that are interested in hosting international students:

Independent Student Support Agents-Canada (ISSA-Canada) is an international student exchange organization. They recruit and support warm caring billet families to host international exchange students for various high schools in Chinook's Edge School Division. Families receive a monthly stipend to offset food and utilities. Local 24/7 student support is available to families and students.

Interested families can request an application online or contact the Owner/ITAC-ICEF Agent -Neil Hosler at 780-718-6414 e-mail