French Immersion

Welcome to French Immersion in Chinook's Edge!

You want the very best for your child - and so do we!

We are proud of the French Immersion programming that has evolved over time in Chinook's Edge, and we are excited to provide this overview to help you determine if French Immersion is the right choice for your child. 

French Immersion (FI) is an educational approach were the students:

  • Acquire fluency to speak, read, listen and write in French
  • Develop an appreciation of Francophone culture through various cultural activities
  • Maintain and improve their competencies in English. 
  • Have greater opportunity to understand the Canadian culture through both official languages 

Our French Immersion program provides students with a wealth of experiences and advantages within the classroom walls and beyond. The program follows the regular Alberta Education curriculum in French with the addition of a regular English Language Arts Program. The program targets students with non-French-speaking parents while enriching and complementing a child's first language. It also enhances a student's academic growth and encourages new ways of thinking.

Our enthusiastic FI parent community, our dedicated school administrators, our strong core of FI teachers and the solid support from our Board of Education speak volumes about the benefits of French Immersion programming.  There is a long list of benefits to having fluency in French, from opening post-secondary and career opportunities to cultivating an appreciation of the French culture.  Fluency in French is a desirable skill in our global society where there are educational and career opportunities around the world.

Remember... whether they are enrolled in French Immersion or in our traditional programming, your child will be surrounded by Chinook's Edge values from the minute they enter school until the day we celebrate their graduation together!

Check out the CESD French Immersion Brochure for an overview of our program. 

Do I have to speak French?  How do I help my child in their learning?

You don't have to speak French!

French Immersion is designed for students whose first language is not French, and whose parents do not typically speak French.  Parent-teacher conferences, report cards, and correspondence between school and home is conducted in English.  Our French Immersion parents in Chinook's Edge are highly engaged in their child's learning.  Reading to their child in English, visiting the public library, enjoying community outings together and providing encouragement and support is all your child needs!  Teachers anticipate that most parents don't speak French and they tailor homework assignments accordingly.


What are people saying about French Immersion in Chinook's Edge?

See what people are saying about French Immersion at CESD!

French Immersion is suitable for children with diverse learning needs, including those for whom English is a second language and those with special needs, where appropriate supports are provided.  Parents' commitment to the program and encouragement of positive attitudes towards learning and speaking French are important factors in student success.

For more resources and information, please visit Canadian Parents for French.

Where is French Immersion Programming offered in Chinook's Edge?

Sylvan Lake

École Steffie Woima Elementary School (Kindergarten - grade 6)
(403) 887-3088

École Fox Run School (grade 7 and 8)
(403) 887-0491

École H.J. Cody High School (grade 9-12)
(403) 887-2412


École Olds Elementary School (grade 1-4)
(403) 556-8477

École Deer Meadow School (grade 5-8)
(403) 556-1003

École Olds High School (grade 9-12)
(403) 556-3391


École John Wilson Elementary School (grade 1-4)
(403) 227-3292

You can register your child for French Immersion directly at your community school in the communities of Sylvan Lake, Innisfail and Olds.

Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) credentials

DELF is a set of official French Proficiency tests.  As an official certification of second-language proficiency, DELF tests the ability of students to use French in real-life situations.  These tests provide international recognition of French proficiency and life-long certification.  As well, these tests help our schools examine their programming and continue to improve upon it.

This is an evaluation of language competency for second-language speakers, based on the Common Europen Framework of Reference for Languages.  This is an internationally recognized, standardized assessment of language proficiency.  It involves language specific diplomas that assess the four areas of communication: oral production, written production, listening comprehension and written comprehension.  Students receive a diploma upon successful completion of each level.  DELF has now become accepted as a way of benchmarking language ability all over the world.

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