Board Innovation Grant

Board Flourishing Stories and Innovation Grant

The Board has set aside funds to encourage innovation in schools. Schools can apply to the Board for a grant based on the following criteria: 

- Sustainability.  How will the project sustain itself?

- Engagement. How will the project engage students, teachers and school communities?

- Educational / Curricular Outcomes. How does the project align with the goals of Chinook's Edge?

- Community. How does the project enhance community partnerships?

The projects listed below have received grant approval. 

Spruce View Hydroponics

Students at Spruce View school were an active part of receiving a $20,000 Flourishing Stories and Innovation Grant from the Board in the later part of the 2023-24 school year. 

The students were enrolled in an enterprise and innovation class, and came up with the idea of applying to grant in order to fund the purchase of hydroponics equipment.  The school plans to grow vegetable crops year round and sell their products to the local community. 

Westglen Bike Mechanics Shop

Students at Westglen School in Didsbury have been gearing up with mechanical knowledge about bicycles, thanks to a new option class that began in the fall of 2023.  Equipment needed for the class was purchased with money from the Flourishing Stories and Innovation Grant from the Chinook's Edge Board of Trustees. The $5,000 grant was used to purchase 10 mobile tool cars and appropriate tools to fill them. The class was the idea of teacher Dustin Moreau, who said he could see that middle school students were enjoying taking engines apart, but putting them back together was too complex. He wanted to find something that would allow students to see a project through from start to finish. 

Ecole Deer Meadow Schol - Create Sew Make

The Board provided $6,000 to Ecole Deer Meadow School in the 2022-23 school year to purchase sewing equipment. 

The school bought sewing machines, cutting mats, and tools for cutting fabric.  Also, the school used some of the funds to remodel an old computer lab, and some pegboard which was hung on the walls for the storage of tools. 

Student entrepreneurs at the Bowden Grandview Christmas market in 2023

Bowden Grandview Christmas Market

Bowden Grandview's students learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and more at the school's annual Christmas market. Bowden Grandview teacher, Amy Severtson, received a Chinook's Edge Board Flourishing Stories and Innovation Grant in December 2022 to kick off the market. The Board grant was used as seed money to purchase supplies for the market. Profits from each year's market are used to invest in the next year's market. Students decide what they'll create and sell, as well as packaging and pricing. 

Spruce View Archery

Spruce View School’s students have been participating in the National Archery in  the Schools (NASP) program thanks to a new unit being offered in the Outdoor Education complementary course. 

Spruce View School received a Flourishing Stories and Innovation Grant in the 2022-23 school year to purchase the necessary equipment to run the program. The money was used to purchase an archery net, bows, arrows, and targets. The school previously had an archery program that was part of Outdoor Ed, and it was revitalized this year for both senior and junior high students.

Students have learned a great deal about patience, consistency, safety, and healthy competition by participating in the program. The program is able to run indoors thanks to the netting system that has been installed, so students can participate year round in comfortable conditions.