Learning Services

The Learning Services department provides support to teachers in their curricular needs (including embedding technology into teaching). 



CESD report cards are intended to be a snapshot of learning at a certain moment of time... "rather than offering a cumulative, final evaluation, the report cards should be seen as part of a continuous and ongoing reporting process..." to parents / guardians (On Your Mark, Guskey, 2015).

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Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC) 

Career Connections

Our Vision:

ALL Chinook's Edge students leave high school with a clear plan to transition to post-secondary, whether in apprenticeship training, college, university, or the world of work, with confidence in their skills and abilities to implement or adapt their plan throughout their lives as they and the world around them change.

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Career & Technology Foundations (CTF)

The CTF curriculum is a competency focused curriculum that introduces students to the CTS occupational areas.

Through engaging learning experiences, students develop competencies within the contexts of Business,  Communication, Resources, Technology, and Human Resources.

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Ed Tech Framework

News and Information related to Educational Technology

Ed Tech Framework

Essential Outcomes

Essential Outcomes Are:

  • Essential outcomes represent the essential understandings that a student must learn to reach high levels of learning
  • Essential outcomes identify “have to know” versus “nice to know” which informs planning and instruction
  • Essential outcomes help us identify which students did not master specific essential outcomes and need additional support
  • Essential outcomes support common assessment development

Essential Outcomes Are Not:

  • Essential outcomes do not represent all that you are going to teach.
  • Essential outcomes do not omit parts of your curriculum
  • Essential outcomes are not for reporting purposes only - you can’t stick them into a report card as is...
  • Essential outcomes do not focus only on PATs

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French Immersion

We are proud of the French Immersion programming that has evolved over time in Chinook's Edge, and we are excited to provide this overview to help you determine if French Immersion is the right choice for your child. 

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Indigenous Education

Relationships - History - Teachings - Culture

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Instructional Media Centre (IMC)

The IMC is a resource library for all teachers and educational assistants in the division.

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Learning Support Teams

Our Purpose: To support and enhance 'Quality Learning Environments' in Schools

The 'Learning Support Teacher' role is ONE of the key people along with School Administrators and other education staff in the school to support and enhance the development and implementation of 'Quality Learning Environments.' The teacher(s) filling this role work directly with education staff (teachers, EAs, SLP Assistants, Early Literacy Teachers / Assistants, FSW, external service providers) and students in classrooms to help provide high quality programming for all students, including those with diverse and exceptional learning needs.

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Literacy Framework

The Literacy Framework has been created within Chinook’s Edge School Division for Pre-K to grade 12 teachers in all subject areas. This interactive framework is intended to provide a foundational understanding of reading skills, as well as provide a sampling of strategies that can be used to build those skills.

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Locally Developed Courses (LDC)

Information on approved Locally Developed Courses (LDC) is posted to this location upon approval from the Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73 Board of Trustees and Alberta Education. Many of the courses exist in hard copy and are being transferred to an electronic version to allow individuals to access the course by downloading. Courses which are not yet available to download or that have been created by another district may be obtained by contacting Jason Drent at jdrent@cesd73.ca

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Mathematics Framework

The Mathematics Framework has been created with Chinook's Edge School Division for Kindergarten to grade 9 teachers.  This interactive framework is intended to provide a foundational understanding of mathematics, as well as provide a sampling of strategies that can be used to build skills.

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Chinook's Edge School Division recognizes the need for the provision of focused professional development for teachers who are new to the profession and new to Chinook's Edge.

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New Curriculum


A PLC "is an ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve" (Dufour et al., 2016, p.10)

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Quality Learning Environment (QLE)

The QLE framework and description of the elements of a quality learning environment are intended to outline high leverage points around instruction.  The focus of this framework is on instruction (teaching and learning) and what works best to help students learn.  This framework does not include everything that happens in schools.  We acknowledge the critical importance of the need for such elements as strong classroom management, the need to create global citizens, character development and connecting to community.  We believe that many of these elements, although not specifically identified, are embedded in the big ideas within this framework.

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