Corporate Services

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Roles and Responsibilities

The Corporate Services Department oversees and provides several key services both to internal and external stakeholders of Chinook's Edge School Division, including the following departments and services:

  • Board of Trustees Administrative Services
  • Budget and Audited Financial Statements
  • Contracts / Agreements
  • Facilities Services
  • Financial Services
  • Health & Safety
  • Insurance and Legal Services
  • Laserfiche
  • Online Field Trip Information
  • Out of Province Professional Development
  • Records Management
  • Request for Proposals
  • Transportation Services

Online Field Trips

Online Field Trip Process

If you have any questions about online field trips please feel free to email 

Out of Province PD



Associate Superintendent Corporate Services 
Shawn Russell 
403 227-7075


Administrative Assistants


Juanita Heidt Sherry Westwood
403 227-7058 403 227-7083


General Inquires Email: