Health & Safety

Safety is integral to staff and students well being, allowing each group to work and learn without fear of injury or incident. No undertaking should be considered so important that it be pursued in an unsafe manner.

Safety is a crucial priority! 

Chinook's Edge School Division is committed to establishing and maintaining an incident free work environment and be in compliance with the Health and Safety Act of Alberta. Our commitment is based on the philosophy that Health and Safety excellence is a value expected of the organization, its management and employees. By supporting and implementing these values with diligence, our school division will strive to create an environment in which injuries and property loss are prevented.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Our objective is to prevent injuries and property damage in all areas of work and learning. All staff and students have a responsibility to participate directly in the achievement of our goal to create a safe work environment. This will be achieved by creating an atmosphere in which Health and Safety is the first and foremost consideration, and in which all actions are based on safety.

Tip Sheet - Winter Walking

Tip Sheet - Blood Borne Disease Prevention

Addressing safety concerns!

All safety concerns should be communicated first to the school administration.
If this is not satisfactory to you, contact Rod MacLean.

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Health & Safety

Rod MacLean

Health and Safety Coordinator

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Administrative Assistant

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