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Truth and Reconciliation Books for the Classroom

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48 Books by Indigenous Writers to Read to Understand Residential Schools

A curated list of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and children's books

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Medicine Walk

Richard Wagamese

A story of a native family, but really one about the universality of tragedy. The story of a 16 year old native boy who learns that to be alive is to be vulnerable to the myriad shocks and disappointments of the human condition. But Medicine Walk is also a testament to the redemptive power of love and compassion. A powerful and compelling story, woven by a talented storyteller. (Grade 10 - 12)

Fatty Legs

Christy Jordan-Fenton

The memoir of an Inuit girl who emerges from a residential school with her spirit intact. Eight year old Margaret Pokiak has set her sights on learning to read, even though it means leaving her village in the high Arctic. (Grade 4 - 9)

The Elders are Watching

David Bouchard

A stunning book which blends a poem and paintings inspired by the stories and words of wisdom of the Elders. The poem conveys a message of concern from aboriginal leaders of the past and a plea for us to respect our environment.

Secrets of the Dance

Andrea Spalding and Alfred Scow

A historical account of Elder Alfred Scow's memory of the banning of the traditional Potlach dance and how his family and relations defied the government in 1935. An impactful story that is beautifully illustrated.

The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Metis Story

Leah Marie Dorion

A charming story, richly steeped in Metis culture, focuses on the boyhood reminisces of Moushoom as he describes finding the "great giving tree" with his mother and father. This vibrantly illustrated children's book is a beautiful retelling of a traditional Metis story.