Fee Waiver

A new fee waiver application form must be completed for each school year you are applying for. You must provide your prior years Notice of Assessment from CRA based on the year you're applying for (example. 2019/2020 fees require a Notice of Assessment from 2018).

Please note that only optional course fees and transportation fees are eligible to be waived by the school division. Fees not eligible for this waiver include; agendas, locks, swimming, curling, skiing, field trips etc.

Transportation fees for school of choice cannot be waived. Applications will be reviewed by financial services and approved by the Treasurer. Decisions to approve fee waivers are based on family income; however, extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. Parents and schools will be notified of the decision. After a decision is made, parents can discuss payment options for any outstanding fees with the school's administrator.

Fee Waiver Application Form