Career High Schools

Career High programming

Career High programming is a specific approach to learning that provides flexibility for students in a small, student centered atmosphere, allowing for more informal and highly involved teacher/learner relationships. 

This non-traditional, individualized approach to learning is available within the following Chinook’s Edge high schools:

Please click on the links above for details on Career High programming in Chinook’s Edge. Career High programming is also available at Penhold Career High and through the Sundre Learning Centre

Dedicated Career High teachers at each site work closely with the school’s full teaching staff to determine the best path forward for each student. Students have access to the broader resources of the school (including all curricular and extracurricular programs from athletics and counselling to specialized courses and specific career training) - all while being supported by the distinct Career High approach to learning. As Career High students become more aware of the opportunities available to them within the high school, many are choosing this type of blended programming which is opening exciting doors for them. 

We know students are drawn to career high programming for a variety of reasons. They are all supported by the Chinook’s Edge commitment of ensuring high leverage strategies to help them find success in their learning. Career High programming is about getting our students to high school completion and creating a clear pathway to success beyond graduation.