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Diploma Exam prep courses offered

Diploma Exam preparation courses offered in Chinook’s Edge

Chinook’s Edge School Division and Castle Rock Research Corporation have partnered to provide Grade 12 Diploma Examination preparation courses, called Excelerator, online in Mathematics 30-1, Mathematics 30-2, Chemistry 30 and Biology 30. Castle Rock will engage top performing educators in each course to design and deliver engaging online instruction leveraging the SOLARO assessment tool; Castle Rock Research’s online learning and assessment resource. 

Chinook’s Edge School Division has already made SOLARO available to all students in Grades 6 through 12.  Diploma exam preparation courses typically cost $165 per course but will be offered free of charge to all CESD grade 12 students this semester. Also, this opportunity will be provided to students in their home communities, allowing participation without having to travel to another city. 

Each Diploma Examination preparation course will include instruction aligned to the curriculum and practice questions that mirror the diploma exam style questions. Educators will utilize thousands of questions to generate an immediate feedback loop to diagnose student strengths and learning gaps and create individualized learning plans for each student. 

All courses will include test taking and time management strategies that will maximize student performance. The Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 30-2 courses will also include a section on graphing calculator strategies and usage. Each Diploma Examination preparation course will be 24 hours in length spread over 6 days. 

All course instruction will be offered online by certified Alberta Teachers via Google Meet and is intended to supplement and support our Chinook’s Edge teachers instruction and guidance.

A detailed course schedule will be provided to each student before the Christmas break. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the learning opportunities provided in these sessions.  However, in case of conflicts in your schedule, registered students will be able to see the specific schedule outlining dates and times for units of study, and students will be able to choose which to participate in based on their own needs. 

If you have specific questions please reach out to Lorraine Ewashen at lewashen@cesd73.ca or 403 227 7093.

LINK to registration form: https://forms.gle/4v3VrahHbrsijKPn8