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Developing the CESD student attendance calendar

Developing the annual Chinook’s Edge calendar that outlines Student Attendance Days is a complex project that requires a great deal of focus and collaboration each year. Several elements are considered, including input from various stakeholder groups. Extensive feedback from parents is gathered every five years, which was a process conducted in January 2023. The Board subsequently revised the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 calendars based on that feedback at the April 5, 2023 Board meeting.

There were 1640 responses to the January 2023 survey, which was emailed to every parent in Chinook’s Edge, with the following statistics:

  • 77% appreciate the first day for students to be after Labour Day
  • 69% prefer non-instructional days to be used to extend long weekends
  • 55% prefer the extended fall break as opposed to an additional 4 day week (Friday off)
  • 59% prefer students to be in class up until Christmas to allow for more time off after Christmas/New Year
  • 78% prefer the full week off in February for Family Das as opposed to an additional 4 day week
  • 61% agree that spring break should consistently occur during the 3rd week of April 

To see student attendance calendars for 2023-24 and 2024-25 visit our calendar page here, and click on the drop down menu.