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Celebrating Strong satisfaction survey results

Chinook’s Edge is committed to ensuring students have a good experience at school, and we are intentional about understanding what that experience is and how we can improve it. We are pleased to share that we’ve seen some growth in key areas, according to our latest survey results.

Chinook’s Edge recently surveyed parents, staff and students in grades 4 to 12. A summary of the results are in the included graphic.

We are especially pleased to see that satisfaction with the level of parent involvement in their child’s education was at 93% for parents. That represents more than a 10 percent increase from last year’s survey.

Our schools and our staff were intentional about welcoming families into schools this year. We are grateful for that work because we know it impacts student success. Also, thank you to you as parents for responding and for engaging with your child’s education.

We have also taken note of what we heard in the survey about attendance. While a majority of parents do not believe attendance is an issue, one in four parents are concerned about it. The survey results point to anxiety as the major consideration impacting student attendance.

Chinook’s Edge will continue to focus on what we can do to help families and, in particular, our students. We know that when students are in the classroom and ready to learn, their engagement in their learning and their long-term success increases significantly. Thank you for doing all that you can do as parents to ensure that your child attends regularly.

Thank you to parents, students and staff who participated in the survey. Your feedback is incredibly important as we strive to ensure a positive experience for students at school.