Staff Directory

Superintendent's Office
Kurt Sacher - Superintendent of Schools
Shanna Babb - Executive Assistant
Sandy Bexon - Communications Officer
People Services
Ray Hoppins - Associate Superintendent
Rod MacLean - Division Principal
Aaryn Manning - Staff Health & Wellness
Shelah Medak - Receptionist
Bonnie Pickering - Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Schneider - Administrative Assistant
Transportation Services
Roseanna Martin - Administrative Assistant, Trainer
Dieter Brandt - Director, Transportation
Patty Thompson - Assistant Director of Transportation
Facilities Services
Jacalyn Bryant - Project Administrator
Terrance Curtis - Custodial Coordinator
Darrel Dyvig - Director, Facilities & Maintenance
Corporate Services
Linden Lonsberry - Safety Manager / Emergency Preparedness
Bonnie Milman - Administrative Assistant
Shawn Russell - Associate Superintendent
Sherry Westwood - Administrative Assistant
Financial Services
Carmen Beck - Pay & Benefits Administrator
Teri Faulkner - Records Management
Samantha Freschette - Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Shauna Kaiser - Senior Accountant
Angie Krause - Accounting Technician
Rita Paradis - Pay and Benefits Administrator
Susan Roy - Treasurer / FOIP Coordinator
Alex Schultz - Assistant Treasurer
Evan Staal - Accountant
Becky Voghell - Payroll Coordinator
Janine Wall - Accounts Payable Technician
Jaime Williams - Pay & Benefits Administrator
Learning Services
Michelle Baragar - Learning Services Coordinator, Educational Technology
Sandi Berg - Learning Services Coordinator
Marie-Astrid Detharet - Learning Services Coordinator, French Immersion
Jason Drent - Division Principal
Lorraine Ewashen - Administrative Assistant
Marjorie Jantzen - Learning Commons Technician
Erin Machell - Learning Services Coordinator
Sherri McMullen - Instructional Media Center (IMC)
Lissa Steele - Associate Superintendent
Student Services
Michelle Baragar - LST Learning Site and Assistive Technology
Pamala Dudar - Student Services Coordinator
Coralie Mobley - Student Services Coordinator
Lorrie Morris - Administrative Assistant
Nicole O'Geil - Division Psychologist
Marcie Perdue - Associate Superintendent
Barb Rusiewicz-Enright - Division Psychologist
Amber Stonebridge - Family School Wellness Clinical Team Lead
Dawn Weststrate - Student Services Coordinator
System Services
Karyn Barber - Associate Superintendent
Karen Beuker - Student Information Services
Myles Doupe - Central LAN Tech
Jason Drent - Division Principal
Ted Harvey - Director, Technology
Ephraim Kruger - Technology Support
Paul Matsune - Core Services Manager
Mandy Nelson - Administrative Assistant
Paula Spiller - Student Information Services