Staff Directory

Roseanna Martin

Transportation Services - Administrative Assistant, Trainer

Key Roles

Roseanna is an Administrative Assistant with Transportation Services. She is also the Senior Driver Instructor and “S” Endorsement Trainer for the department. She works with the Versa Trans mapping system and the daily PowerSchool imports. Roseanna takes care of the bus driver personnel / vehicle / daily time record / daily trip inspection file maintenance. She also maintains files for leaves of absence and student misconduct reports. Roseanna creates the annual transportation calendar. She takes care of busing registrations (Rural and Urban) and cross jurisdiction/cross boundary/alternate busing requests.  Roseanna helps with the bus driver calendar maintenance, the Bus Driver Startup, and the Bus Driver Windup at the end of the year. Roseanna takes care of bus driver timesheets, charter billings, fuel cards and receipts, and ordering supplies. She provides for reception in the office and Roseanna is the main dispatcher operating the two-way radio.