Staff Directory

Barb Rusiewicz-Enright

Key Roles

Barb is a School Psychologist on the Student Services team at CESD. She consults primarily to the learning teams of students within Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms who receive Program Unit Funding (PUF) support. Barb also follows students and provides consultation to teacher and therapist teams in facilitating the needs of students as they transition from PUF to grade one. She provides assessment services when needed in supporting the optimal functioning of students.

Barb is an 'educarer' who believes that relationships matter. She partners together with teachers, learning support teams, educational assistants, family school wellness workers, specialists and parents/guardians in order to meet student needs. In addition, Barb facilitates Family Oriented Programming (FOP) sessions as well as provides Professional Development opportunities for staff on topics related to development, relationships and emotional functioning.

Barb is a 'semi-empty nester' who has called Central Alberta home for over 20 years. She and her husband share a love of 'local' arts, music and food. When she is not enjoying things locally with family and friends, Barb often travels to the east and west coast of the States to visit family.