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Coralie Mobley

Key Roles

As a Student Services Coordinator, Coralie is responsible for providing system level leadership and assisting schools with coordination of education programs and services.  She works collaboratively with administration, school staff, learning services coordinators and external partners to support high ‘Quality Learning Environments’ (QLE) for students with unique, diverse and exceptional learning needs.

Specifically, Coralie supports students and education staff to assess, implement and monitor assistive technology strategies for students (using the SETT framework). She also works with teachers and other educational staff to ensure students have access to PAT and Diploma Accommodation supports.  Coralie is committed to the continued development and support of a tier 4 literacy program.

Coralie teaches Non Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) to Chinook's Edge employees.

Coralie taught for 17 years at Innisfail High School and for one year in Denmark.  She has been working in a student services capacity at the school level for 16 years.

Coralie enjoys spending time camping and boating with her husband, Steve, and children Chohee, Keegan and Ailey.