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Information for End of Term/Year High School
Mark Submissions

SIS Planning


2021-22 Year At A Glance



Elementary/Middle Schools

Year End Checklist - preparing for End of Year Process


High Schools

Year End Checklist 

Notification of Independent Student

Release of Independent Student Information



PASI Access -  Principal Approval 

PASI Access/Changes  Staff



Quick Start (PowerSchool) Best Pratices for Information

Quick Start 

Printing Reports from PowerTeacher 

PowerTeacher Pro High School Traditional

PowerTeacher Pro Class Rosters

School with Grades 5-12 PTP set up

Team Viewer

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No CUM Request Process Form

PASI Direct Connect Instructions

Technology Responsible Use Terms and Conditions 

Alberta Student Link

Printing Attendance Report

Multi-Teacher Section Set Up 

Class Rosters

Parent Portal Quick Start

Creating a Field Trip Section

Direct Data Export (DDE) - 

Data Dictionary for table information • Finding Internal IDs

DDE: Instructions 

Students in Sections - Activity 2 

Students in a Course- Activity 5

Attendance- Activity 3

Verifying Grade Levels - Activity 1

Export for Honor Roll Calculation- Activity 4

Searching for Students -

Full Instructions

Quick Reference Guide

Addressing Formats - Street Abbreviations

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