Provincial Testing

PAT/Diploma Accommodations

Improving Student Learning - A goal of Provincial Achievement Testing is to obtain valid and reliable information about student achievement.  How and what educators communicate to students and parents about the tests affects how well this goal is met.  Similarly, validity and reliability are affected by the preparations that are undertaken before the tests are given. The careful examination and interpretation of the Achievement Testing Program results can help reveal areas of relative strength and weakness in student achievement. Teachers and administrators can use this information in planning and delivering relevant and effective instruction in relation to learning outcomes in the Programs of Study.

Communicating with Parents - School staff should communicate information to students and parents about the administration of the achievement tests and the results achieved.  Communication should address the following:

  • the purpose of the tests
  • when the tests will be administered
  • what the tests will be like
  • how the results will be used
  • how student, school, and authority results will be reported
  • the use of test accommodations for individual students

Accommodations, Special Formats, and Exemptions - The Student Services Department assists schools in examining the Alberta Education guidelines around supporting students who require support in writing the grade 3, 6, and 9 PATs.  Please contact your zone's Student Service Coordinator for assistance or for more information.