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AP 3 – 24: Student Progress Reports to Parents

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Initial Approval: : 2010 April 1
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


The Board believes that student progress must be regularly and formally reported to parents/guardians during the year. Two methods of reporting have been approved by the Board: student report cards and parent-teacher interviews. It is further recognized that in certain circumstances more frequent communications are needed. In these cases schools should communicate with parents as the need arises rather than wait for formal reporting periods.




  1. It shall be the responsibility of the principal and teacher to report student progress. 
  2. The principal, in consultation with staff and the School Council, will develop a report card format.
  3. Reporting will occur on at least three occasions during the school year, or on two occasions exclusive of final reports in each semester in the case of students on semestered programs.
  4. Student marks shall not be withheld from the student.


Legal References Education Act Cross References Administrative Procedure 3-22 / Assessment Evaluation and Reporting of Student Learning
Administrative Procedure 2-16 / Inclusive Education and Support Services


2012 Oct 05 Reviewed
2019 Nov 28 Reviewed