Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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Appendix A: Sample Letter to Parents



Dear Parents / Guardians,

SCHOOL NAME and Chinook’s Edge School Division place a priority on the safety of our students and staff. The protection of students with life-threatening allergies is one area that both the school and Division takes seriously. The school has provisions in place to address the medical needs of students who have life-threatening allergies. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that it is the parents responsibility to ensure that the medical information related to a student is current. Parents are required to inform the school of any student who has a life-threatening allergy and to ensure that any changes to the medical condition are communicated to the school to ensure that the individual plan kept at the school is accurate.

SCHOOL NAME has also taken the necessary precautions to deal with life-threatening allergy situations. The school cannot guarantee an allergy free environment but can ensure an allergy aware environment. Staff are trained annually in the awareness and understanding of life-threatening allergies including recognition of triggers, symptoms, reactions, the use of injectors and the emergency response protocol. In addition, the school has put the following in place to ensure the safety of our students:

A. individuals with food allergies will not be permitted to trade or share food, food utensils, or food containers;

B. the use of food in crafts and cooking classes must be modified or restricted depending on the allergies of children or staff;

C. ingredients of food brought in for special events must be reviewed in relation to student allergies and clearly identified;

D. all students will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating.