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AP 3 – 20: Exemption of Students

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Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


To ensure the rights of students and parents to be exempted from activities deemed by the student/parent to compromise their religious beliefs are recognized.


This procedure applies to all staff.




1. Principals shall exercise discretion and shall treat confidentially any request from parents for exemption of their children from participation in school or classroom activities on religious grounds.

2. The parental/guardian request for exemption from activities for religious reasons shall be in writing.

3. Children so exempted will be given alternate assignments which will not release them from school and which continue their learning in approved curriculum.

4. No child will be deprived of standing or credits or any other advantage because of such exemption.

5. Exemptions may be requested from activities such as:

5.1 Dancing

5.2 Entertainment (e.g. concerts or performances)

5.3 Elements of health instruction

5.4 Immunizations and health procedures

5.5 Patriotic exercises

5.6 Religious instruction

5.7 Elements of music or physical education instruction which violate tenets of the child's faith.

6. Permission for exemption from medical examinations on religious grounds is subject to the right of the Principal to require such examinations for the protection of the rest of the school if it is suspected that any child is a carrier of an infectious or contagious disease.


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