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Exhibit 1: CESD Mileage FAQ’s

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CESD Mileage FAQs

Discussions about when we do or don’t pay mileage to staff showed inconsistencies within CESD. This guide has been created to help standardize mileage practices to ensure fairness for all staff and schools.

  1. Do I have to pay mileage when staff travel? \
    1. Mileage claims should be approved when: Staff travel for CESD events, including CESD committee meetings, ADCOS, SAT, Teachers Matter, Support Staff Matter, Students Matter, LST meetings, Mentorship, and division provided PD (ie NVCI, EA PD Day, Admin Support Day, and PLCs).
      1. Staff travel to approved PD events offered outside CESD, (ie CARC sessions, conferences related to their professional growth goals) - up to their maximum PD allotment.
      2. School administration or Division Office ask specific staff to travel for some specific training/event.
  2. The CESD mileage rate can be very expensive. Can a staff member be asked to fill their tank before and after a trip and then pay them the cost of the fuel they actually used?
    1. No, the mileage rate is intended to cover all costs of travel for an average vehicle, including fuel, oil changes, tire wear, depreciation, and minor repairs - unless offered by the staff member.
  3. What GL code should mileage charges be applied to?
    1. Travel to any CESD meeting is charged to school mileage (5-XXX-300-704-XXX-00-00) unless there is a specific GL code from central office for that event. This would apply to PLCs, LST, SAT, ADCOS, Teachers Matter, Support Staff Matter, Students Matter, Mentorship, Admin Support Day
    2. Travel to any PD event inside (ie NVCI, Mental Health First Aid, etc.) or outside CESD (CARC, Specialist Conferences, Etc.) is charged to PD Mileage (5-XXX-300-704-X84-00-00). Mileage amounts are then attached to the participant’s individual PD fund unless the staff is attending the training at the request of Administration - up to their maximum PD allotment.
  4. I volunteered to coach a school team/extra-curricular activity. Can I bill the school mileage for games/tournaments/etc.?
    1. We appreciate the time and effort you put into these events, but we cannot pay mileage for volunteer activities. Some schools choose to cover costs to volunteers from SGF. Talk to your principal before traveling.
  5. How can I try and reduce the impact of mileage charges to my school?
    1. Carpooling is great when it is possible. Mileage for a single vehicle full of staff heading to the same PD event could be divided and charged to individual PD accounts.
    2. Consider a bus if you have an entire staff traveling to the same event.
  6. My school is really far from DIVO so my budget is hit with mileage charges that schools close to Innisfail don’t have and this means students in my school are disadvantaged. What is being done to even up the situation or allow us to plan for these charges?
    1. A new allocation to help with mileage costs is part of the RAWG process for schools that are farther than 37 km from DIVO. This is new, so we are doing it during the budget planning process to allow administrators to plan for the expenses in their next MBF process.
  7. How is mileage calculated?
    1. Mileage is calculated from the school to the destination. 
    2. Mileage claims must be submitted on an expense claim form which is signed by your supervisor.
  8. Can people charge mileage to get to the February Teacher’s Conventions in Red Deer or Calgary?
    1. No, travel to those is a professional responsibility and a condition of employment. As such, teachers can deduct eligible expenses from their taxes with a T2200 form from their principal.