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AP 4 – 26: Working Alone

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Exhibits: Occupational Health & Safety Act
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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure the safety of employees who work alone.


This procedure applies to all Chinook’s Edge School Division employees who work alone and their supervisors.


Supervisor – The Director of Transportation, the Custodial Supervisor, the Director of Facility Services, the Clinical Team Lead for the FSW Program, the Director of Technology and the Treasurer are considered supervisors for all personal in their department. The school principal is the supervisor of all school based staff with the exception of Family School Wellness workers, LAN Techs, and Custodians, who are supervised by the Clinical Team Lead for the FSW Program, the Director of Technology and the Custodial Supervisor, respectively.

Working Alone – To be at the work site in circumstances where assistance is not readily available in the event of an injury, illness or emergency.


1. All supervisors will conduct an annual hazard assessment to identify existing or potential hazards. The assessment should be revisited as environmental or working conditions change.

1.1 The supervisor will ensure that employees have the opportunity to participate in the hazard assessment and the elimination or control of any hazard identified.

1.2 The supervisor will take all reasonable steps to control or eliminate hazards by developing safe work procedures.

1.3 The supervisor will maintain a written hazard assessment report, including review dates and measures taken to eliminate or control hazards.

1.4 On an annual basis, the supervisor will review and update the hazard assessment with staff.

1.5 The supervisor will communicate the hazard assessment to all employees affected by the assessment.

1.6 All hazard assessments must be forwarded to the Safety Manager for review.

2. The supervisor will establish an effective means of communication between any worker who works alone and persons capable of responding to the worker’s needs.

2.1 A radio, telephone or other electronic device constitutes an effective means of communication.

2.2 Where radios, telephones or other electronic devices are impractical, the supervisor must plan for the employee to make direct contact with other personnel.

2.3 The intervals of time between contact periods will be determined by and appropriate to the degree of hazard.

2.4 The contact method and interval will be part of the written hazard assessment report.

3. The supervisor will ensure that all employees receive training and are competent to work alone safely. Details of the training provided will be included in the hazard assessment report.

4. The supervisor will ensure that all Division owned equipment and vehicles are in good working condition, meet appropriate regulatory standards and are used in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

5. The supervisor will ensure that First Aid supplies are available in accordance with applicable regulations.


Occupational Health & Safety Act


2012 June 12 Amended
2012 Aug 24 &31 Amended
2012 Sept 10 Amended
2018 May 4 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed