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AP 4 – 25: Support Staff Supervision and Professional Growth Plan

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Exhibits: AP 4-24 Support Staff Evaluation
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Last Amended: 2016 September 8
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure staff are aware of processes and procedures related to supervision and ongoing professional growth of support staff.


This procedure applies to all support staff and school administrators who supervise support staff.


Supervision – is the on-going process by which a Principal or other member of School Administration or Superintendent carries out duties and exercises education leadership in respect of support staff required under Administrative Procedure 4-24 Support Staff Evaluation.

Support Staff Growth – means the career-long learning process which involves individual reflection, dialog with colleagues about practice and an annual support staff growth plan.

Support Staff – see glossary and standard terms

School Administration – see glossary and standard terms


Support Staff Growth

1. At the beginning of each school year, the school administration shall review applicable policies and procedures regarding support staff growth with support staff.

2. Each year, by September 30, support staff shall submit a copy of their annual growth plan to school administration.

3. The annual support staff growth plan shall include:

3.1 Goals/objectives that are demonstrably related to applicable Support Staff Competencies and that taken into consideration the educational plans of the school and of the Board;

3.2 Strategies for achieving each goal/objective;

3.3 Indicators and/or measures of the achievement of each goal/objective; and

3.4 An estimated timeline for the completion of each goal/objective.

4. Each year, by November 15, school administration shall meet with the support staff to:

4.1 Orally review the support staff growth plan;

4.2 Discuss the opportunities available for mentoring, coaching and support.

5. Each year, by April 15, the support staff and school administration will discuss the attainment of the goals set out in the growth plan.

6. The annual growth plan is the property of the support staff although a copy may be kept by the school administration.

Support Staff Supervision

1. At the beginning of each school year, school administration shall review with all support staff the Board’s guidelines and procedures regarding support staff supervision.

2. Supervision of support staff by school administration is intended to assist support staff in meeting their responsibilities and to enhance knowledge, skills and attributes that maximize job performance.

3. The supervision process shall:

3.1 Provide ongoing supervision for all support staff in the school;

3.2 Include observations and information from any source about the quality of performance;

3.3 Identify behaviors and practices that should be recognized as exemplars; and

3.4 Identify behaviors and practices that may not meet the Division standards


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AP 0-04 Glossary and Standard Terms


2012 June Legal Review
2012 Aug 27 Amended
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed