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AP 4 – 24: Support Staff Evaluation

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AP 4-25 Support Staff Supervision and Professional Growth Plans
AP 0-04 Glossary and Standard Terms

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Last Amended: 2016 September 8
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure staff are aware of when and how evaluations of the performance of support staff will occur.


This procedure applies to all support staff and staff who conduct evaluations of support staff.


Evaluation – the formal process of gathering and recording information or evidence over a period of time and the application of reasoned professional judgment by a Principal or Superintendent in determining whether one or more aspects of a support staff’s practice exceeds, meets or does not meet the Division standard.

School Administration – see AP 0-04 Glossary and Standard Terms.

Supervision – is the on-going process by which a Principal or other member of School Administration or Superintendent carries out duties and exercises education leadership in respect of support staff required under Administrative Procedure 4-25 Support Staff Supervision and Professional Growth Plans.

Superintendent – see AP 0-04 Glossary and Standard Terms.

Support Staff – see AP 0-04 Glossary and Standard Terms.


1. An Evaluation will be conducted

1.1 Upon the written request of the support staff

1.2 For purposes of gathering information related to a specific employment decision such as but not limited to granting an additional contract.

1.3 In the first year of employment

1.4 Upon a change of duty, assignment and/or responsibility.

1.5 On the basis of information received through supervision, the Principal or Supervisor has reason to believe that the support staff may not be meeting Division standards.

2. School administration or Supervisors shall evaluate the support staff employed they are responsible for.

3. When initiating an evaluation, School Administrators or Supervisors must communicate to the support staff:

3.1 The reasons for and purposes of the evaluation

3.2 The process, criteria and standards to be used

3.3 The timelines to be applied, and the possible outcomes of the evaluation.

4. An evaluation includes at least two formal written reports for staff members new to a role or new to the division. The initial report will be completed within the first 90 days of employment. The second report shall be completed and submitted to People Services prior to April 30.

5. The evaluator shall provide the support staff being evaluated with an opportunity to discuss the evaluation and to provide comments provided that such comments are received by the evaluator within ten (10) days of the date of the discussion of the evaluation and if received in time the comments shall be attached to the evaluation report.

6. This procedure does not restrict:

6.1 The Superintendent or the School Administration from taking disciplinary or other action, as appropriate, where any one of them has reasonable grounds for believing that the actions or practices of a support staff endangers the safety of students, constitutes a neglect of duty, a breach of trust or a refusal to obey a lawful order of the Board, or

6.2 The Board or the Superintendent from taking any action or exercising any right or power under the Education Act.


Education Act
AP 0-04 Glossary and Standard Terms
AP 4-25 Support Staff Supervision and Professional Growth Plans


2012 June 7 Amended
2012 June Legal Review
2012 Aug 27 Amended
2016 Aug 21 Amended
2016 Sept 8 Amended
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed