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AP 4 – 23: Vice Principal Voluntary Exchange

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Last Amended: 2019 December 17
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that the opportunity for Vice Principals to experience leadership roles in different school settings is an excellent growth opportunity. Vice Principal exchanges are for a set period of time and for no longer than two (2) school years. Once the exchange time is complete the Vice Principals involved will return to their original assignment.


This procedure applies to all school administrators.




  1. Vice Principal exchanges will be considered on an annual basis.
  2. The exchange process will be completed each year after the majority of vacant administrative positions have been filled.
  3. Vice Principal exchanges (as described in the procedure) will not be employed to fill or create vacant positions. Vacant positions will be filled through an open competition process.
  4. Vice Principals wishing to be considered for an exchange will be asked to complete an exchange intent form in the spring. This exchange intent form is to be submitted to the Superintendent or designate by a set deadline each year. The deadline will vary from year to year depending on the date that the majority of vacant positions are filled.
  5. The Superintendent or designate will determine if the potential exists for a transfer based on the information gained from the exchange intent forms augmented by any other information and considerations the Superintendent or designate considers relevant.
  6. If the potential for an exchange exists the following procedures will be followed:
    1. The Superintendent or designate will discuss the potential exchange with Central Office staff.
    2. The Superintendent or designate will discuss the potential exchange with the Principals of both schools involved.
    3. If both Principals are in agreement with the potential exchange, the exchange will be discussed with the Board Chair and the local trustee(s) for the schools involved.
    4. If all parties are in agreement with the potential exchange, the Superintendent or designate will work with both Vice Principals to facilitate the exchange.

All Vice Principals who expressed an interest in an exchange will be informed of any decisions by the Superintendent or designate when the process is complete.


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2012 Oct 10 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed