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AP 4 – 18: Fitness of School Bus Drivers

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Last Amended: 2019 December 17
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


School bus drivers are an integral part of the education system, safely transporting students to school each day. Evidence confirms that physical and cognitive abilities, along with the age of bus drivers, can affect the ability of the driver to respond to emergency situations in a timely fashion, maintaining a safe environment for students on the school bus.


This procedure applies to all Chinook’s Edge School Division bus drivers.



  1. All school bus drivers may be required by the Board to have a medical as a condition of employment. Any changes in health conditions that may impede the driver’s ability to drive and / or perform the functions of a school bus driver must be reported to the Director of Transportation immediately. In addition, drivers may be required, at the Board’s expense, to undergo a medical assessment by a doctor of the Board’s choosing, if the Director of Transportation or designate deems it necessary.
  2. All school bus drivers that have reached the age of 65 years shall have an annual medical exam completed and evidence of it provided to Chinook’s Edge School Division, indicating their fitness to continue operating a school bus.
  3. All school bus drivers that have reached the age of 65 years shall have an annual driver evaluation completed.


Chinook’s Edge School Division - Division Transportation Services Safety Program


2016 Feb 25 Amended
2018 July 4 Reviewed 2019
Dec 17 Amended/Reviewed