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AP 4 – 10: Evaluation of School Administration

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Last Amended: 2022 June 16
Last Reviewed: 2022 June 16


The Division believes that formal evaluations provide information that is necessary to determine the quality of administrative performance. The information on which evaluative decisions will be based should be shared with the Administrator in an open and forthright manner.


This administrative procedure applies to all school administration.



1. The purpose of evaluation is to provide information that may be used to assist in assessing the many considerations involved in making decisions relative to the competence, performance and suitability of an Administrator in a particular position. Evaluation can be used to assist in making decisions related to:

1.1. movement from a probationary contract to a term contract;

1.2. movement from a term contract to a continuing contract;

1.3. extension or renewal of a term contract;

1.4. transfers; and

1.5. termination of a contract.

2. The Superintendent is responsible for designating a senior central office staff member to perform the evaluation of Principals. The person conducting an evaluation is hereinafter called the Evaluator.

3. The Superintendent or designate, with input from the Principal, will be responsible for performing the evaluation of Vice Principals. The person conducting an evaluation is hereinafter called the Evaluator.

4. A decision to renew a term contract may be informed in part by the results of a formal administrative evaluation. Such an evaluation will normally occur in the last year of the term contract.

5. Non-renewal of a term contract, whether there has been an evaluation or not, shall be an administrative decision, at the sole discretion of the Superintendent, and shall not be subject to any appeal to the Board, or otherwise. A decision to allow a term contract to expire shall not be considered to be a decision to terminate the contract and shall be considered to be an administrative decision, at the sole discretion of the Superintendent, not subject to appeal to the Board or otherwise.

6. Prior to commencing an evaluation, the Evaluator and the administrator shall meet to review evaluation methods and criteria.

7. Any data collected during the evaluation shall be related to the Performance Criteria outlined in the Leadership Quality Standard.

8. The data collection shall involve:

8.1 an interview between the Evaluator and the administrator;

8.2 interviews and/or survey with members of the school staff, which may include all or some teachers, support staff, and caretakers;

8.3 a review of documents and artifacts that provide evidence of the administrator’s achievement of the competencies in the Leadership Quality Standard;

8.4 information from members of the school council and a sampling of parents, on their level of satisfaction with the administrator’s performance;

8.5 other sources of data may be used at the discretion of the Evaluator:

8.5.1 Additional methods of collecting the data shall be determined by the Evaluator through an interactive process between the Evaluator and the administrator. In the event of disagreement between the Evaluator and the administrator on the methods of data collection to be used, the Evaluator shall have the final discretion to determine the methods used to collect data.

9. The Evaluator shall create a written evaluation report (the report) of the results of the evaluation within a reasonable time after completion of the evaluation and shall provide the report to the administrator.

10. The Evaluator and the administrator shall meet within thirty (30) school days to review the report.

11. The administrator shall be given an opportunity to append any written comments to the report provided the administrator submits the comments in writing to the Evaluator within seven (7) calendar days of the meeting referred to in Article 10. Any comments by the administrator made or submitted to the Evaluator more than seven (7) calendar days after the meeting referred to in Article 10 shall not be appended to the report.

12. The administrator, and the Evaluator shall each retain a copy of the report and a copy of the report, including any appended comments of the administrator, shall be placed on the administrator’s personnel file.

13. An administrator may request that the Superintendent, review the process used in the evaluation. A request for review to the Superintendent must be made in writing, outline the reasons for the request, and be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the report.

14. The Superintendent or designate shall conduct a review of the process used in the evaluation in a manner that the Superintendent or designate considers appropriate. The review process to be used shall be at the sole discretion of the Superintendent or designate. The Superintendent or designates decision on the appropriateness of the process used in the evaluation shall be final.

15. Administrators on continuing contracts may be evaluated:

15.1 after a transfer to a different school;

15.2 when requested by the administrator;

15.3 when the performance, competence, and suitability of the administrator has been called into question;

15.4 at any time at the discretion of the Superintendent 

16. Administrators on term contracts and probationary contracts, should be evaluated at least once during the term of the administrator’s contract;

17. If in the opinion of the Superintendent or designate there are significant problems with an Administrator but a formal evaluation is not required, the Superintendent or designate may undertake an informal process to resolve the concerns.

18.  The school administrator must hold a Certificate of Qualification as a teacher issued by the appropriate authority for the Province of Alberta entitling the school administrator to teach in the Province of Alberta, and Principals hold a valid Leadership Certificate (Alberta Regulation 84/2019) issued by the appropriate Provincial authority for the Province of Alberta entitling the Principal to hold a principal position in the Province of Alberta, and that  that such Leadership Certificate will be maintained in good standing during the Principal’s designation as a principal with the Board.

19. This procedure does not restrict the Superintendent or designate from taking disciplinary or other action, as appropriate, where the Superintendent or designate has reasonable grounds for believing that the actions or practices of an administrator endangers the safety of students, constitutes a neglect of duty, a breach of trust or a refusal to obey a lawful order of the Board, or the Board or the Superintendent from taking any action or exercising any right or power under the Education Act.


Education Act


2019 Aug 22    Reviewed
2019 Dec 17    Reviewed
2022 June 16   Amended