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AP 4 – 09: Special Sabbatical Leaves

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Last Amended: 2016 May 6
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that opportunities are provided for teachers and administrators to continually improve their professional skills and knowledge. The Division believes that it has a shared obligation with the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and Alberta Education to provide such opportunities.

Special sabbatical leaves may provide for further professional development opportunities for those members of staff who have served a number of years in Division schools and who have reached maximum teaching experience levels recognized within the salary agreement. The Board may consider granting special sabbatical leaves other than any sabbatical leave considered under the terms of the Collective Agreement.


This procedure applies to all teaching employees.




  1. The teacher must apply to the Superintendent for a special sabbatical leave. Applications for a special sabbatical leave must be received by the Superintendent by November 30 for the regular December Board meeting or by April 30 for the regular May Board meeting.
  2. Applications will be considered at the Board’s regular December and May meetings.
  3. Teachers are not eligible for a special sabbatical leave and a deferred salary leave plan during the same year.
  4. Any special sabbatical leave granted will be conditional upon there being a first year teacher replacement available and suitable so that the overall salary budget for the Division is not adversely affected.
  5. Only Teachers on full time teaching contracts are eligible for special sabbatical leaves.
  6. Special sabbatical leaves may be for professional development through study or any purpose deemed appropriate by the Board. Recipients of special sabbatical leaves may not be under a teaching contract to another school jurisdiction.
  7. A commitment to return to teaching duties for two school years following the special sabbatical leave must be signed by the recipient and in the event the teacher does not return they must repay the money.
  8. Remuneration for a teacher granted special sabbatical leave shall be as provided for in the current Collective Agreement. A teacher on special sabbatical leave should inform, in writing, the Superintendent by May 31 of the sabbatical year of his/her intention not to continue under the employ of the Board.


Education Act


2016 May 6 Amended
2018 Nov 13 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed