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AP 4 – 08: Professional Staff Assignments and Teacher Transfers

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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


The Division through its commitment to excellence in the teaching practice supports the need for both teacherdirected and system directed transfers of the teaching assignment. Such transfers must reflect the needs of the students, and or division staffing needs.




1. Since teachers are employees of Chinook’s Edge School Division all transfers are the responsibility of the Superintendent in consultation with Principals involved. In deploying or transferring certified staff, any or all of the following criteria will be considered:

1.1. Student and program needs as perceived by the Division Administration.

1.2. Experience, interests and training of staff members.

1.3. Teacher request.

1.4. Other considerations as deemed relevant by the Superintendent.

2. Teachers requesting a transfer in their teaching assignment shall make their request known to the Superintendent in writing.

3. A transfer shall not be a substitute for termination of a contract where services are unsatisfactory.

4. When the Superintendent transfers a teacher’s teaching assignment to another school operated by the Board, the Superintendent shall:

4.1. Give the teacher a minimum of seven (7) days notice in writing regarding the transfer.

4.2. When the teacher does not wish to transfer in accordance with the notice, inform the teacher that he/she may request a hearing with the Board within seven (7) days following receipt of the notification. This written directive by the teacher indicates their concerns with the proposed transfer, their perception of how the transfer does not meet the transfer criteria, their preferred placement for the coming year.

5. The Board, or a committee appointed by the Board, may set a date and time for the hearing requested no earlier than fourteen (14) days after the teacher receives the notice of transfer.

6. The transfer cannot take place until after the hearing before the Board or a committee thereof.

7. A teacher who has been transferred by a school board may resign upon thirty (30) days notice if he/she does not wish to comply with the transfer order of the Board.

8. Internal Transfers: Subject to the terms of the Collective Agreement and the Education Act, transfers within the school should consider the:

8.1. training of the teacher;

8.2. nature of the program;

8.3. health and welfare of the students;

8.4. total school staffing and student selection patterns; and

8.5. competencies of the teacher. The authority of such transfers rests with the school-based administration.


Education Act


2019 Nov 21 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed