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AP 4 – 05: Personnel Records

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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that confidentiality of the information contained in personnel files belonging to staff is maintained and that an effective system of managing employee records is in place. Employee records must be maintained to ensure accuracy, accessibility and confidentiality.


This procedure applies to all staff.





  1. Normally, the record will incorporate information pertinent to:
    1. Recruitment and selection
    2. Contractual and employment arrangements
    3. Performance appraisal
    4. Payroll data
    5. Discipline
    6. Termination of employment 
    7. Correspondence between the Division and the employee
    8. Health information
    9. Letters of commendation, complaints, and/or reprimand may be included with evaluative reports
    10. Benefits
  2. The following persons may have access to employee records for the purpose of performing their duties:
    1. Legal counsel for the Division
    2. Corporate Secretary and Treasurer
    3. Executive Assistant to the Corporate Secretary
    4. Associate Superintendent People Services
    5. People Services Administration Assistants
    6. Superintendent of Schools
  3. Employees may examine their record for the purposes of verifying accuracy and/or appending additional information.
  4. The employee is provided with an opportunity to "upgrade" unsatisfactory reports.
  5. The Superintendent shall ensure procedures pertaining to the accuracy and integrity of the records are preserved. 
  6. Personnel records shall be retained ten (10) years after the employee ceases employment.
  7. All individuals wishing to have access to personnel files must have prior approval from the Associate Superintendent People Services. Materials in a file may be removed at the request of the employee and the discretion of the Associate Superintendent People Services.
  8. The Corporate Secretary is responsible for maintenance, security access, and a record of access for employee records according to guidelines set out by the Superintendent of Schools.
  9. The employee shall be notified of any release of information required of the Division.



Education Act
Employment Standards Code


2012 Oct 01 Reviewed
2018 Nov 13 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed