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AP 4 – 03: Police Criminal Record Check and Child Record Intervention Check

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RCMP Criminal Record Check Form Letter – Employment

Initial Approval: 
Last Amended: 2022 September 20
Last Reviewed: 2022 September 20

The Division believes that Criminal Record Checks (CRC), including the Vulnerable Sector Check and the Child Record Intervention Check (CIC) are a required part of the hiring process for all new employees. Hiring is conditional upon receipt and review of a CRC and CIC.



1.  Each new employee will be required to take the RCMP CRC Form Letter (Exhibit I) to their local RCMP Office when requesting a CRC. The CIC must be completed through their local Child and Family Services Authority. If the prospective employee does not provide these checks, the applicant will no longer be considered for employment.

2.  The prospective employee is responsible to return the completed check to the appropriate supervisor. The appropriate supervisors include:
teachers - Superintendent
support staff - Superintendent
maintenance and caretaking staff - Facilities Manager
bus drivers - Director of Transportation;
superintendency - Board of Education

3.  The information contained in the CRC and CIC may influence the decision to hire. Because of this, the prospective employee will have the opportunity to discuss the contents of the CRC with the selection committee if the candidate wishes. If not, the candidate will no longer be considered and advised of this in writing. In the event discussion of the CRC is required, the selection committee for this purpose shall consist of the Superintendent or designate, the appropriate supervisor as noted above and one other member of the original selection committee when appropriate.

4.  Upon receipt of the CRC and CIC, the appropriate supervisor will review CRC and CIC and forward to People Services  with the new hire package for the employee's personnel file. The hiring process will then be complete.

5.  If an employee is charged with an offence(s) under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act, or other similar legislation, the employee must inform the Associate Superintendent – People Services immediately of both the charge(s) and the disposition of the charge(s). A failure to immediately notify the Associate Superintendent – People Services of any charge(s) and the disposition of the charge(s) will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of the employee’s contract of employment. This requirement is set out in the Staff Handbooks governing the additional terms of employment for each group classification of employees (eg. Custodial Staff, Division Office Staff, Family School Wellness Worker, Hourly School Support Staff, School Salary Support Staff, Trades Apprentices & Labourers).

Education Act

2011 Feb 10 Revised
2019 Nov 19 Revised
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed
2022 Sept 20 Amended