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AP 4 – 02: Staff Employment

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Last Amended: 2019 December 17
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that the best personnel available is employed on the basis of merit and qualifications for any given position.


This procedure applies to all staff.


The Board expects:

1. That employment will be based upon open competition.

2. That the Board will employ the most suitable candidate.

3. Where qualifications are equal, preference shall be given to the local applicant (where applicable).

4. References, both personal and professional, will be checked prior to employment.

5. All staff shall be initially employed for a probationary period.

6. That each new employee will be provided with a written statement outlining the conditions of employment.

7. That each employee will be notified in writing of any changes in the conditions of employment.

8. That employees will be prohibited from participation in the hiring of persons in their immediate family (parents, spouse, brothers, sisters, children) where an employee would be in a position of direct supervision of the person in their immediate family.

9. The employment situations where an employee would be in a position of direct supervision and evaluation by a member of their immediate family (parents, spouse, brothers, sisters, children) be prohibited;

9.1 Direct supervision for purposes of this regulation is considered to be supervision that involves assignment of duties, completion of evaluation forms or related responsibilities.

9.2 When an employee marries another employee and a conflict of interest or favouritism situation is obvious, an alternative place of work within the Division should be sought for one of the employees. In such cases the wishes of the employees should be taken into account as to who shall be placed in other employment.

10. A grievance procedure shall be in place for all staff.

11. The recruitment and selection of staff is delegated to be the responsibility of the following party(ies):

11.1 Superintendent - Board of Trustees

11.2 Associate Superintendent – Board of Trustees and the Superintendent

11.3 Directors – two Board members, Superintendent and Associate Superintendent

11.4 School Principals – two Board members, Superintendent and Associate Superintendent, with advice from the School Council.

11.5 Vice Principals - a Board member, the Superintendent and the Principal, with advice from the School Council

11.6 Certified Staff - the Principal and Superintendent

11.7 Central Office Support Staff - Superintendent

11.8 School-Based Support Staff (excluding custodial) - the Principal and Superintendent

11.9 Custodial Staff - the Director of Facilities and Maintenance and the Principal

11.10 Transportation Staff - the Director of Transportation

11.11 Maintenance Staff - the Director of Facilities and Maintenance

12. Hiring and termination of support staff is subject to ratification by the Superintendent through his signature on employment contracts and through the issuance, under the Superintendent's signature, of a formal letter of termination.

13. For the positions of senior managers, directors and Principals, the hiring committee may approve reimbursement for travel expenses incurred for interviews.


Education Act
Labour Standards Code Individual’s Right Protection Act


2012 Oct 05 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed