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AP 3 – 12: Weapons

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Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


To ensure that schools are a safe place and therefore prohibits the possession of weapons at school, in a bus or while attending a school sponsored activity.


This procedure applies to all staff and students.


Weapon – a firearm of any description, a knife or similar item dangerous to others or anything designed to be used or intended for use for the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person.


1. A member of staff wishing to use an item which may be considered a weapon as props, tools or demonstration models must:

1.1 Obtain prior approval from the Principal.

1.2 Give evidence to the Principal that they are qualified to handle such an item.

1.3 Remove or render inoperable the firing mechanism of any gun prior to bringing the gun onto school premises.

1.4 Be securely packaged for transporting to and from school and with approved procedures for entry and removal.

2. Students participating in Outdoor Education programs may receive instruction in the use of firearms by a person duly authorized by federal or provincial law and recognized by the Superintendent. Such instruction shall be given at an authorized firing range. Such outdoor education activities must be approved by the Superintendent prior to the activity taking place.

3. Live ammunition shall not be brought onto school property under any circumstances.

4. Students are not to bring replicas of firearms or other weapons onto school property without the prior approval of the Principal.

5. A student possessing a weapon or replica of a weapon on school property may be suspended or recommended for expulsion and the RCMP may be contacted. The weapon or replica shall be collected by the Principal and stored in a secure place until either removed by the RCMP or arrangements can be made with parents to have the weapon or replica safely removed from the school.

6. A student using, or threatening to use a weapon shall be reported immediately to the Principal and may be reported to the RCMP. The Principal shall suspend the student and may recommend to the Superintendent that the student be expelled. The incident shall be recorded and the parent and the Superintendent shall be advised, in writing, of the incident and the actions taken and/or recommended.

7. The RCMP is to be contacted if a criminal offence has been committed or a perceived danger to the wellbeing of staff or students exists.

8. A threat assessment of the perpetrator should occur after the weapon is secured to ensure that appropriate interventions occur.


Education Act


2018 July 03 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed