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AP 3 – 08: High School Student Programming

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Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


To ensure a student’s individual program should be challenging and consist of full course loads.


This procedure applies to all staff and students.




  1. Students are expected to attend school full time.
  2. Students are expected to take a minimum of:

    ● 40 credits in grade 10
    ● 40 credits in grade 11
    ● 30 credits in grade 12

  3. The final date for withdrawal will be half way through a course. After that date, a final mark will be submitted if attendance and work completed represents more than 50% of the course requirements.
  4. Programming should be in place to enable a student to complete their High School Diploma program within three years.
  5. Steps must be taken by the school administration to secure parental understanding and concurrence in their student registration and program.
  6. Every effort should be made to tailor a student’s program and experiences to career aspirations and abilities. Schools will have a school-wide plan that ensures students receive a personalized and responsive approach to transition successfully to post-secondary (education and training beyond high school) or to the world of work with the necessary academic skills, abilities and knowledge of career pathways.
  7. The Principal in consultation with the school community and Superintendent may waive or raise credit expectations within their school.
  8. For a specific student, the Principal may waive or raise credit expectations and may waive the withdrawal date if circumstances merit.


Education Act


2018 July 08 Reviewed 
2019 May 28 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed