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AP 3 – 07: Admission of Resident Students

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Initial Approval: 2013 February 01
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


To ensure that entrance into the school system must be determined in the best interest of the child. This determination should be made in cooperation between parents and the professional staff.

The Division recognizes that children develop socially, emotionally, physiologically and intellectually at different rates and believes that programs should be provided for each child to develop so as to optimize his/her success in school.

The Division believes all resident students between the ages of six and eighteen have the right of access to its schools into grade one to grade twelve. The Division may admit resident students under the age of six years to a kindergarten program.


This procedure applies to all staff and students.




1. Resident students between the ages of six years and eighteen years will be admitted to school if an appropriate program exists.

2. Residents under the age of six years as of the first day of the school term will be admitted if:

2.1 The child will attain the full age of six years on or before December 31st of the school year in question.

2.2 An appropriate program exists.

2.3 The child must be previously registered in a kindergarten program outside the Division.

3. Parents shall provide documentation of age acceptable to Alberta Education regulations when registering a student for the first time. Birth certificates must be shown and a photocopy retained by Division schools before a student may be accepted as a student.

4. Residency of independent students (as defined in the Education Act, Section 6 (1) will be determined by where the student resides, rather than where his/her parents reside.

5. Resident students of the Division residing in a designated attendance area for a school shall be enrolled – that school and attendance is compulsory if a program offered in that school is deemed suitable for the student by the Superintendent.

6. In the event that a resident student becomes a non-resident student, the Division will not assure responsibility to provide transportation for the student

7. Adult students who are a resident of the Division but older than twenty years as of September 1 in the year they attend will be charged a tuition fee.

8. The Superintendent and Principal must ensure that sufficient resources and facilities are available so that the needs of resident students with each designated attendance area for that school are being met prior to enrolling other students.

9. If admission is refused, the student and parents should be referred to the Liaison Superintendent.

10. In the event that there are some questions with regards to residency, the parent, guardian or independent student will be asked to provide proof of residency.


Education Act


2013 Feb 01 Approved
2018 Feb 28 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed