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AP 3 – 05: Participation in Athletics by Students in Alternative Schools

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Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


The Division believes that students enrolled in alternative schools should have the opportunity, where feasible, to participate in school athletic programs.


All students must be enrolled in at least ten (10) credits per semester in order to participate in athletics.

A student who is enrolled in at least ten (10) credits per semester at a school shall be considered as a student of that school.

Students must reside in the attendance area of the school in which they plan to participate in athletics.

Students who are enrolled in ten (10) credits per semester in an alternative school and no credits at the sponsoring school shall adhere to the following procedures:


Students who are enrolled in fewer than ten (10) credits per semester shall apply to the Principal of the school (with the team) to participate. Applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Participating students may be required to pay a fee.


2018 Feb 08 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed