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AP 3 – 04: Student Attendance

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To ensure that students at all grade levels attend school regularly and are punctual. This is essential if a student is to achieve maximum benefit from his/her schooling. While students have a right to an education, they also have a responsibility to attend classes regularly and pursue their studies in a diligent manner. The Education Act clearly defines compulsory education and legislature regarding the enforcement of school attendance.


This procedure applies to all students.




1. The responsibility for maintaining good attendance rests on the student and parents/guardians Alberta Education Act, Section 31 states “A student, as a partner in education, has the responsibility to (a) attend school regularly and punctually.”

2. The Board delegates responsibility to the Principal, staff and school council at each school for the development of a school level attendance policy.

3. The school has a responsibility to keep the student and parent(s) regularly informed of attendance requirements and status.

4. Excusable absences from school (class) include illness, accident, medical or dental attention and compassionate or other special circumstances recognized within the Education Act.

5. Parents and students are encouraged to schedule medical, dental or family holidays at times that do not conflict with regular hours of instruction.

6. Parents are encouraged to phone or send a written explanation to the school to provide the reasons for a students absence from class.

7. The school Principal is responsible for ensuring that an accurate record of student attendance is kept.

8. Each school is responsible for establishing procedures to deal with students who are inexcusably absent from school and classes. These procedures should reflect:

8.1 Efforts to work directly with the student to resolve the issue.

8.2 Ongoing communication and consultation with parents concerning the attendance problem.

8.3 Progressively more serious consequences for students who are persistently and inexcusably absent.

8.4 Referral to Division Office if a serious attendance problem cannot be resolved.

9. The Division attendance officer will review all cases submitted to his/her attention and with the school and parents determine an appropriate course of action. This may include referral to the Provincial Attendance Board.


Education Act


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