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AP 3 – 02: Vandalism / Break-ins by Students

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Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


To ensure that personal property is treated with care and respect in safe, secure and caring schools. Students who damage property will, with their parents be held jointly responsible to compensate the Division.


This procedure applies to all staff, students and parents/guardians.




1. Serious incidents of vandalism, break-ins, theft, etc. must be reported immediately to the liaison Associate Superintendent. Where necessary, the Associate Superintendent will notify the Principal.

2. The Principal shall forthwith notify the liaison Associate Superintendent in writing giving:

2.1. The nature of the loss or damage.

2.2. The date and time of occurrence.

2.3. The students involved (where applicable).

2.4. Name and address of parent or guardian.

2.5. Police detachment or department notified and date (if applicable).

3. Copy of the notice referred to in procedure 2 above shall be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools. A copy, in which the names of other students involved have been removed, shall be forwarded to the parent.

4. Student disciplinary measures (including suspension and expulsion) may be involved when a student is found responsible for damages. The Division may prosecute and/or take legal action.

5. Students, parents or guardians are liable for damages caused by students and may be required to make restitution.

6. The Principal is responsible for conducting investigations, reporting to the RCMP, determining the liability of students, obtaining estimates of the cost of damage, filing reports and ensuring proper restitution.

6.1. During vacation periods, in the absence of the Principal, the Associate Superintendent will assume the leadership responsibilities of the Principal in regards to investigation, estimates and reports and will notify the Principal.

7. The Associate Superintendent will, upon receipt or notification, attend to damage fee assessment, collection and prosecution, if applicable.


Education Act


2009 Dec 20 Amended
2012 Sept 13 Reviewed
2018 July 03 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed