Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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Exhibit 2 – 24.1: Exchange Program Approval Form



Date: _____________________

Exchange Program Destination: _______________________________________________

Exchange Program Date: ____________________________________________________

Exchange Program Leader: ___________________________________________________


Based on the information that the Exchange Program Leader has provided and my judgement that this exchange program compiles with Administrative Procedure 2-24 Exchange Program Approval and Planning, this Exchange Program is approved with the following conditions.

  1. That the Exchange Program Leader immediately report to the Principal, if, as they plan the exchange program, they have any reason to believe that any of the following conditions will not be met:
    1. That the experience will provide educational benefit to the students in alignment with and complementary to the curriculum and program of studies
    2. Students and staff will be safe at all times during the exchange program
    3. There are to be no Prohibited Activities included in the exchange program
    4. There is adequate safety planning for high risk activities
    5. That there are plans to deal with emergencies
    6. That parents or independent students have given informed consent
    7. That the timing of the exchange program has a minimum negative impact on the student’s regular educational program
    8. The Exchange Program Leader has met the requirements outlined in Administrative Procedure 2-24 Exchange Program Approval and Planning.
  2. That the Exchange Program Leader does not make any changes to the itinerary without the prior consent of the undersigned. This condition does not include responses to situations the Exchange Program Leader considers an emergency situation where the well-being of students, parents and staff well-being may be in jeopardy. Any changes to the itinerary are to be reported to the principal as soon as is practically possible.
  3. That the exchange program may be cancelled, at any time, if in the Boards judgement any of the conditions, listed in point 1 of this letter are not being met.

Category 1 and 2 Exchange Program


Superintendent’s Signature: ______________________________