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AP 2 – 21: School Volunteers

Related Policies:
Related Procedures: AP 4 – 03 Police Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check
Exhibits: Listed under AP 4 – 03 Police Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check
Initial Approval: 
Last Amended: 2011 February 10
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


The Division believes that volunteers are a valuable part of the school community and can enhance educational services.

1. The assignment of duties for a volunteer rests with the school Principal.

2. However, for those volunteers who work with students in a school on a regular, ongoing basis, it is expected that volunteers will be entitled to:

2.1. Know what is expected of them;

2.2. Be treated in a respectful manner.

3. Volunteers shall:

3.1. Follow through with commitments;

3.2. Abide by the directions of the Principal/classroom teacher;

3.3. Maintain confidentiality;

3.4. Accept guidance and direction.


This procedure applies to Schools.




  1. Teachers shall provide the Principal with names of volunteers expected to be working in the school.
  2. Volunteers shall:

    2.1. Provide a Criminal Record Check (CRC), including the Vulnerable Sector Check, and a Child Intervention Check (CIC) where the volunteer works with children unsupervised by a professional staff member. The CRC, Vulnerable Sector Check and CIC shall be current within one (1) years.

    2.2. Take the RCMP CRC Form Letter (Exhibit I) to their local RCMP Office when requesting a CRC. The CIC must be completed through their local Child and Family Services Authority. If the volunteer does not provide these checks, the volunteer will not be allowed to work unsupervised.

    2.3. Swear an Oath of Confidentiality

  3. Volunteers whose services are no longer required will be notified in writing by the Principal.


Administrative Procedure 4 – 03 Police Criminal Record Check and Child Record Intervention Check


2011 Feb 10 Amended
2016 June 01 Reviewed
2017 Oct 04 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed