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AP 2 – 18: Learning Resources Selection and Review

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Related Procedures: AP 1-28
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Last Amended: 2020 April 22
Last Reviewed: 2020 April 22


The Division believes in providing a wide range of learning resource materials, including library learning commons materials at varying levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal, and which present different points of view to meet the curricular and non-curricular needs of students and staff.

The Division believes that selection of appropriate materials is a professional activity, most appropriately carried out by the members of the professional teaching staff.


1. The Principal Shall ensure that learning resources are selected according to the following criteria:

1.1. The primary objective of learning resources selection is to support, implement and enrich curriculum through the provision of appropriate instructional materials to students and teachers:

1.1.1. to provide learning resources pertaining to various sides of course-related controversial issues so that students may have an opportunity to develop, under guidance, the practice of critical analysis in order to make informed judgments in their daily lives;

1.1.2. to provide learning resources representative of the many religious, ethnic and cultural groups and their contributions to our national heritage and the world community. Such materials should not discriminate in a negative way against any individual or group; and

1.1.3. to place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality in order to ensure a comprehensive collection appropriate to the school community.

1.2. The promotion of reading enjoyment and the development of the habit of learning commons use to meet the needs of daily life is also an objective of the selection policy. It is the responsibility of the professional staff to select materials which meet the non-curricular interests of the school community.

1.3. The Division also believes in recognition of community standards, student ability and readiness.

2. Responsibility for Selection of Learning Resources:

2.1. The Principal, the learning commons personnel, in cooperation with classroom teachers shall plan together for the selection of learning resources.

2.2. The Principal is responsible for all resources used in the instructional process within the school.

2.3. Regulations related to on-line programs used and purchased by teachers or the school to ensure copyright compliance.

3. The Principal shall resolve challenges to selections according to the following guiding principles:

3.1. Guiding principles:

3.1.1. Responsibility for the selection of materials purchased with public funds (other than those materials recommended by Alberta Education) ultimately rests with the Division.

3.1.2. No parent has the right to determine reading, viewing, or listening matters for students other than for his/her own children.

3.1.3. The major criterion for the final decision shall be the appropriateness of the material for its intended use.

3.1.4. Access to challenged materials may not be restricted during the reconsideration process.

3.1.5. The decision to sustain a challenge shall not necessarily be interpreted as a judgment of irresponsibility on the part of the professionals involved in the original selection and/or use of learning resources materials.

4. Staff should also refer to AP 1-28 Reproduction of Copyright / Protected Work.

5. Copyright rules also need to be respected for student consumable materials purchased by the school.


  1. Request for Appeals:
    Despite care taken to select learning resources, occasional objections will be made to an item in the resource collection. If the resource is challenged, the procedures are as follows:

    1.1. If, after discussion of the concerns with the teacher and Learning Commons staff member, mutual satisfaction has not been reached, the matter is to be referred to the Principal. If the objection cannot be dealt with satisfactorily at the school level, the complainant will be asked to complete a “Request for Reconsideration of a Learning Resource” and file the objection with the Superintendent.
    1.2. The superintendent designate shall meet with the complainant to review the resource in reference to the expectation of this administrative procedure. If, following discussion with the complainant, mutual satisfaction has not been reach, the superintendent designate will refer the complaint to the Learning Resource Review Committee.
    1.3. The Learning Resources Review committee is an ad hoc committee and will be struck only when needed. Committee membership shall consist of;

         a) The Superintendent Designate as Chair;
         b) A Principal
         c) A Learning Commons employee
         d) A parent
         e) A member of a School Council None of the complainant, the Principal, or the school Learning Commons Facilitator and/or teacher on the committee shall be from the school from whence the complaint arose, but each shall have the right to make presentations to it.

    1.4. The Learning Resource Review Committee will, at the earliest opportunity;

         a)Review the challenged material and the complainant’s objection.
         b) Evaluate the resource in terms of the expectations and criteria in this Administrative Procedure;
         c) Meet to discuss the material and prepare a report on it for distribution to the Principal and the Superintendent.

    1.5. The superintendent designate shall inform the complainant, the Principal and the school Learning Commons staff member or teacher affected of the decision of the Learning Resource Review Committee.

         a) If the Resource Review Committee cannot deal with the challenge to the satisfaction of the challenger, the challenger has the right to appeal the decision of the Superintendent and then to the Board.

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2018 April 05 Amended
2018 July 03 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed
2020 April 22 Amended