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AP 2 – 17: Student Assessment

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Last Amended: 2010 March 30
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 26


To ensure that student assessments provide useful information which can be the basis of determining suitable educational goals, instructional strategies and services in support of the student’s program.


This procedure applies to all staff.




  1. Assessments will consist of a variety of assessment tools/strategies, which will be multi-dimensional and non-discriminatory in nature. If required, an intelligence test administered by a Registered Psychologist will be used in conjunction with some or all of the following standardized achievement tests, teacher evaluations, behaviour checklists and subjective information obtained from school personnel and parents.
  2. Appropriately trained personnel will conduct assessments and interpret results to parents, teachers and others involved with the student’s program.
  3. The assessment report will include the rationale for the referral, areas of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for programming.
  4. The results of the assessment will be used to develop Individualized Program Plans (IPP).
  5. Written consent should be obtained from parents before an educational or psycho-educational assessment is conducted.
  6. Test data which is older than three (3) years should not be used as the basis for individual programming or placement decisions and the appropriate steps will be taken to having the student referred for a current assessment. (refer to Administrative Procedure 2 – 12 Referral of Students with Special Needs).
  7. Intelligence test scores will be treated as confidential and such reports will be kept in the confidential special education file according to FOIPP guidelines. These reports will be made accessible to the appropriate individuals involved in student programming.
  8. Where students require special provisions for testing, these are available for school-based and provincial assessments.


Education Act


2010 Mar 30 Amended
2013 Feb 25 Reviewed
2018 July 03 Reviewed
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed