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AP 2 – 16: Inclusive Education and Support Services

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Initial Approval: 
Last Amended: 2018 April 06
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


The Division acknowledges that children have a wide range of learning needs and recognizes the necessity of providing programs and support services for students with unique, diverse and complex learning needs.


1. The Principal shall ensure that:

1.1. the implementation of special education programs and support services are consistent with the “Standards for Special Education”, Alberta Education, 2004.

1.2. The classroom teacher shall ensure provision of a suitable program for every student.

1.3. Consideration for programming accommodations should be given to both typical learners and those with learning difficulties.

1.4. Regular communication with parents regarding student programs must be maintained and documented.

1.5. an Individual Program Plan (IPP) is designed, in consultation with the parent and other professionals where appropriate, for every student identified with a special education code.

1.6. case conferences for all students on individual IPPs are convened by the classroom teacher at least three times a year and should include consultation with parents.

1.7. a structured transfer of information, written and/or oral, on all students with IPPs takes place each school year, involving both sending and receiving teachers.


2018 Apr 06 Amended
2019 Nov 26 Reviewed