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AP 2 – 07: Early Childhood Services

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Initial Approval: 2008 October 28
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


To ensure that the Early Childhood Services program is beneficial.


This procedure applies to all staff.




The ECS program will operate under the same general policies, goals, philosophy and program dimensions prescribed by Alberta Education.

1. Students eligible for an early childhood services program must attain the age of five years on or before December 31 of the school year in which the student applies for admission to a Chinook’s Edge School Division program. Students who are mild, moderately or severely disabled or hearing impaired are eligible for early entrance according to Alberta Education guidelines.

2. The number of hours will be determined by Alberta Education Funding Regulations.

3. Enrolment in an early childhood services program is voluntary.

4. Current provincial regulations with respect to safety standards, programs, policies, teachers, records, finance and insurance will be strictly adhered to.

5. Each severely disabled child for whom a program unit grant has been assessed will be served through an individualized program plan.

6. The Superintendent is responsible for:

6.1 Establishing and meeting Alberta Education program and policy requirements

6.2 Employing certificated teachers

6.3 Utilizing approved facilities

6.4 Assessing children for whom special needs grants will be claimed

6.5 Monitoring and evaluating the early childhood services program

6.6 Submitting annual reports as required by Alberta Learning

6.7 Monitoring financial and insurance requirements.

7. School administration is responsible for:

7.1 Assisting teachers in areas of program planning including development of individual program plans (IPP), implementation and evaluation

7.2 Assisting in the identification of staff development needs

7.3 Monitoring and evaluating the operation of the early childhood services program

7.4 Establishing a local parent advisory council

7.5 Ensuring that enrollment and attendance records are adequately maintained.

8. The Early Childhood Services teacher is responsible for:

8.1 Program planning, implementation and evaluation in accordance with the early childhood services program goals

8.2 Developing an individualized program for students identified as severe and complex.

8.3 Providing parents opportunities to actively participate in the early childhood services program.



Education Act


2013 Feb 26 Reviewed
2018 Mar 02 Reviewed
2019 Nov 25 Reviewed