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AP 2 – 05: Career High Schools

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Exhibits: AP 2 – 05.1 Student Educational Timeline (SET)
Initial Approval: 2008 October 28
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


To ensure that Career High school programs provided in a Career High school setting provides opportunities for the education of the minority of students for whom traditional school settings are unsuitable. The primary goal of a Career High school program is for the student to achieve a high school diploma or equivalent in an alternate setting.


This procedure applies to all staff and students.




1. Students are expected to complete the Program of Studies established for all Alberta high schools. High standards of achievement will be a primary goal.

2. Students are expected to attend school regularly.

3. Career High schools will provide the equivalent hours of access as traditional high schools, that is, 25 hours of access for each credit.

4. Career High schools will work closely with support agencies to help serve the needs of students.

5. Student registration is open to:

5.1 High School students referred to the program by their school Principal

5.2 Adult students seeking high school courses

5.3 Junior High students who have exhausted all program options with regular school settings and are placed there by the Superintendent or designate.

6. The Principal of the Career High schools shall ensure:

6.1 Division applicants to the Career High schools will not be admitted until consultation has taken place with the previous school administration and it is mutually agreed to be the appropriate placement.

6.2 Consultation shall take place with the student and parents before a student is admitted to the Career High school.

6.3 Student education timeline (SET) shall be established when the student is enrolled and will be reviewed annually. (see Exhibit 2-05.1)

6.4 Current staff and student handbooks are available and distributed.


Education Act


2013 Mar 28 Reviewed
2019 Nov 25 Reviewed