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AP 1 – 16: School / Community Relationships

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Initial Approval: 
Last Amended: 2017 February 22
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


To encourage schools to play an active role in their communities and support community involvement in its schools.


This procedure applies to all staff.




  1. The community school philosophy encourages schools to:
    - Be consciously oriented to the larger community they serve
    - Cooperate with community agencies in the development of programs and services
    - Provide school facilities for community use
    - Establish and maintain close communication with families in the neighbourhood
    - Build sensitivity to neighbourhood problems and issues
    - Contribute to the development of a sense of community in their neighbourhood
  2. Joint booking and use of school and community facilities shall be governed by the terms of the Joint Use Agreements in the respective communities within the Division.
  3. The extent of the implementation of community school projects will be subject to the availability of funds and other required resources.
  4. Schools must recognize the value of school volunteers and establish a welcoming environment to encourage participation.
  5. School volunteers must work under the direction of a professional to ensure activities are appropriate and support learning.
  6. School volunteers must recognize and adhere to established policies and practices when working in the school environment.
  7. Schools should recognize the contributions of volunteers.



AP 2 – 21 School Volunteers


Updated: 2017 Feb 22
Reviewed: 2017 Nov 27
Reviewed: 2018 July 03
Reviewed: 2019 Nov 25