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AP 1 – 12: Dissolution of School Council

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Initial Approval: 2010 March 30
Last Amended: 2017 October 04
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


The Division may request the Minister to dissolve a school council if the Division is of the opinion, based on the facts presented, that one of the following conditions prevail:

  1. Refusal to abide by the procedures of the Division or to carry out its responsibilities in accordance with The Education Act and Alberta Learning Regulations
  2. Fraudulent, criminal or unethical behavior
  3. Unresolved issues between the school council and the Principal after Policy 2-01.5.0 Appeals to the Board has been followed
  4. Adversely impeding the effective operation of the school. SCOPE This procedure applies to all staff.



The Division requires the Principal to take all reasonable steps to establish an advisory committee for the school if the school council is dissolved, suspended or if establishment is unsuccessful, in accordance with Alberta Learning Regulations.

1. Membership of the advisory committee shall be at the discretion of the Principal and maintain a majority which are parents and community representatives.

2. The Principal, in consultation with the advisory committee, shall establish:

2.1 Meeting dates and locations

2.2 Meeting procedures

2.3 Officers.

3. The advisory committee shall assume duties and functions delegated by the Board to school councils.

4. An attempt must be made to establish a school council each school year.


Education Act 
Alberta Learning Regulations


Amended: 2017 October 4 
Reviewed: 2017 November 27
Reviewed: 2018 July 03
Reviewed: 2019 Nov 25